Introducing Asset Aware

Mitigate your compiance and litigation risk by ensuring that the disposition of all of your IT assets is properly managed and thoroughly secure.

Watch our new Vertices and VaultLedger video.

See how our media management tools can help your organization store, track, move and protect your backup and archival tapes.

Comprehensive Tape and Archived Data Management for Every Enterprise.

From extensive enterprise tape management to complete archived data management, B&L's suite of robust software solutions will make our data center more efficient, more compliant and more secure.

Make Your Next Migration Your Easiest Ever! with Archived Data Manager®

ADM archives your backup catalogs, which allows you to easily switch to a new system. Plus, you can restore your old catalog without the original backup application.

Use Vertices® and Pass Tape Audits with Ease

Vertices allows your organization to record and journal every tape event, allowing you to easily create and print complete audit reports that satisfy internal and external compliancy requirements.

The Offline IT Asset and Tape Management Experts

B&L solutions automate offline IT asset and tape management workflows; lowering costs, reducing the risk of losing sensitive data and verifying the end-to-end chain of custody process. Customers across the globe, from Fortune 50 to mid-size enterprises, trust B&L solutions to improve operations and reduce risks associated with administering offline IT assets.

See how Vertices and VaultLedger can help your organization move, track and protect your backup and archival tapes. Watch Video

NAID Vendor

B&L is proud to be a member of the National Association for Information Destruction

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